GRF Race Coolant

GRF Race Coolant is developed by a well-known independent chemical laboratory in Europe. Using proprietary heat transfer agent that can enhanced coolant’s ability to remove heat from the cylinder head.


  • Reduce Engine Temperature up to 8 degrees.
  • Maximize Horsepower/Torque
  • Europe Racing Formula
  • Special Anti-Rust Formula, prevent rust and corrosion in the cooling system avoid cooling system
  • Prevent stains accumulated around water pump


  1. Drain the coolant from the radiator and auxiliary radiator
  2. Use Pure Water to soak the radiator and auxiliary radiator several times until you don’t see color
  3. Fill both radiator and auxiliary radiator with Freeze It Water Coolant


Do NOT mix with other coolant/coolant additive/water, it will reduce the performance.
Anti-Freeze Tester is NOT applicable on this product due to different formulation